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Scrapbook Crafts Diy How To Make A Waterfall Card Diy Crafts Scrapbooking Tutorial

One of the homemade scrapbook crafts diy is often loved by the young generation. The craft diy serves some images and words with a nice arrangement. There are some elements that you should meet for making scrapbook craft.

The Choice of Paper

The use of paper is used to be a photo attachment and accessories. You should select ph more than 7. With the use of the wrong paper, the attached paper will be more durable. However, if it is less than that ph, it makes the photos damaged.


To attach photos or ornaments in making scrapbook crafts diy, you can use stick glue, double tape, glue dot, or ribbon. It is much recommended to use glue dot because it enables you to change ornament layout.


To keep a scrapbook durable, you can use a buffer. It enables your scrapbook long lasting because it stays neutral.

Writing A Story

The last element in making scrapbooks crafts diy is writing a story. You can write a story and attach it together with the photos. If the story is too long, you can describe the moments in the attached photos. It has represented a homemade scrapbook. Those are some elements before you make it.

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