30 Wonderful Image of Instax Scrapbook Layouts

Instax Scrapbook Layouts 25 Scrapbook Ideas For Beginner And Advanced Scrappers

One of the best designs for scrapbook layout is instax design. Instax scrapbook layouts can be chosen for making a nice scrapbook. You can get an inspiration to make it with the recommended design list. Here is the list for instax scrapbook layouts.

Dog Scrapbook

The first instax layout design takes a dog theme. It has three dog images in the center of the scrapbook. The basic paper is white with some ornaments decorating it. It is a nice option to give for the people loving pets.

Travel Scrapbook

It is a nice choice for travelers. It has a travel theme to make a diy scrapbook. The pay layout consists of your traveling photos on the cover. You can make it at home.


The next design for instax layout is Crisp. It is two peas in a bucket mercy pener. It has a description of crisp in the edge of the scrapbook. Then, there is a hand picture in the cover of the scrapbook.

Studio Calico

Studio Calico can be another inspiration for instax layout. It has a star theme decorating on the cover of this scrapbook. It has a blue sea color looking it looks cute. Those are some designs for instax scrapbook layouts.

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