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Do you need the Polaroid scrapbook ideas memories? Well, the pieces of the story in living relationships with loved ones, one of whom is a friend, can be captured through our own handmade scrapbook.

Choose a Memorable Joint Photo

Photographs of each moment with friends in any condition can be selected to fill the scrapbook sheet -. Start from the beginning you meet where the geeks are still, still innocent. Well, this moment is perfect to capture it to be able to always remember it every time. Cut the photos with a unique style that can beautify your scrapbook.

Favorite Background

For the background, combine favorite colors and his favorites. Start from choosing the color of his favorite paper that became the basis of the scrapbook. If you are good at drawing or painting, it is really possible on the first page of your scrapbook to draw the face of your beloved friend and also with words that reflect your best friend’s character.


When all the photos have been pasted, now is the time to add decorations in the scrapbook to beautify them. You can use dried leaves or dried grass to add to the beauty of your scrapbook. Leaves can also be a container for describing or telling photos. You can also decorate photos that have been arranged by adding floral accents or something that describes the character of your best friend. Some ideas for using scrapbook decorations:

  • Group decorations, you can create several decorative groups on the page
  • You can be placed in a corner of a photo or text or in a corner of the page.
  • Arrange decoration.
  • The choice to give something to a special person must be perfect.

Those are the explanations of Polaroid scrapbook ideas memories with your best friend.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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