30 Wonderful Photo of Scrapbook Gift For Boyfriend

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Nowadays, women use scrapbook to save memorable things from their relationship with their boyfriend. A scrapbook can be their love diary which contains many things they buy for each other. Not only things, but flowers or photos can also be placed in the scrapbook. Down below, there are romantic scrapbook gift for boyfriend ideas which you can use.

Candy wrappers letter

If you have been in a long relationship, you and your boyfriend must have had many Valentine’s day candy wrappers. Do not throw them. You can use the wrapper to make a romantic letter for your boyfriend.

Heart shape photos

It is possible if you and your boyfriend have so many photos. Instead of just saving them in a box in your storage, you can make a scrapbook with them. You can just simply arrange the photos into a heart shape. You can also place some lights around the heart.

Melted crayon

This art goes viral nowadays. Using so many different colours of crayons, you can place photos of you and your boyfriend in the middle of the crayons. Then, you melt the crayons using a hairdryer. You will get a beautiful rainbow colours.

Nothing is more romantic than giving your own scrapbook to your boyfriend. Make sure you impress your boyfriend using these scrapbook gift for boyfriend ideas.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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