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Free Printables Scrapbooking Word Art Today I Have A Free Printable Word Collage Print Out And Add The

Beautify Your Scrapbook Font with the Free Printables Scrapbooking Word Art!

There are many ways to make a title for your memo page or scrapbook, including using word art letters. Not only titles, you can also make short quotes on each photo you paste in a scrapbook using the WordArt font style. Then, what is the detailed explanation about making the free printables scrapbooking word art? You may use the digital scrapbook by using a WordArt in Microsoft office. The following is the explanation:

The steps to use a WordArt

First, click the Insert tab then click WordArt in Text. After receiving the style, click the required style.

Open the “Enter text here” box.

After entering text, the text approves the selected style!

Note that you can move WordArt to any desired section by clicking on the border and dragging it.

When choosing WordArt, choose Style Style on the Format tab. You can change the font color and change the font shape to your preference.

The font is changed magically.

If you want to open WordArt, click to select the WordArt you want to move then press the Del or Backspace button on the keyboard.

Beautifying the font of WordArt

In making scrapbook quotes with WordArt, you can beautify the font which beautifies the form of our words that are more interesting, namely:

Select text effects, text effects in there are many choices:


What we choose now is a shadow in which there will be a dark shadow behind or the other sides of the font.


What we choose at the moment is a jumble of shadows that uses shadows that blend with shadows


Those are the explanations of free printables scrapbooking word art.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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