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Four Ideas for Pocket Scrapbooking Ideas Mini Books

It is so cute to have a mini book documenting our memories. It will be easy for us to bring, show to our best friends, or just locate it on our vanity desk in our bedroom. Just because our scrapbook is so small, doesn’t mean that it should be plain. We can decorate it the way we like it. See the ideas below:

  • You can have a scrapbook in a box folding like an accordion. When you open the cap of the box, you’ll see your photos, memorabilia, journal, pictures, etc.
  • Another interesting thing to do to make a mini scrapbook is to use CD pockets to keep your journal, CDs of your favorite songs, video clips, and private videos, photos, and other memorabilia. All of the pockets are bound together with a nice ribbon.
  • If you have an old pocket watch, you can create a small scrapbook of photos of your loved ones. Just attach a folding paper like an accordion on the base of the pocket watch. So, when you open the pocket watch, you’ll see a group of photos inside.
  • You can have a mini scrapbook made from several colorful envelopes that are glued together to be a series of envelopes. Inside the envelopes, you can put photos, memorabilia, flowers, a journal written on a small paper, etc. We can use card stocks as the cover. Surely, we can use embellishments for the cover.

What do you think? You can’t wait to make the one for you or for your loved ones, right? Those four are only ideas. You can use your own creativity and imagination.


Lucrecia Galbarini

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