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Three Easy Scrapbook Memories Ideas You can Try

Nowadays we can always save our photos of our memories on our socmed account. However, having a real one like a scrapbook to keep our memories is nice. We can collect scrapbooks of our memories so we can see them easily. If you want to make the ones for you and you need guidance, see the ideas below.

Ideas of Scrapbook Memories

  • You can consider having a scrapbook of Polaroid pictures that you can attach on the pages. Above or under the Polaroid photos you can add information about the pictures.
  • If your scrapbook memory is for you to document your trips, it is great if you just use a copied of the map of the place you visited as the layout. On the map, you can attach the best photos and itinerary. You also can attach the currency of the country you visited, etc.
  • If you have a baby, you can have a memory scrapbook for your baby and start with the images of USG and followed by the photo collages and memorabilia from month to month. Don’t forget to keep the journal about your baby as well. Tell about the time he/she was born, how he/she got a name, his/her ability, the first time he/she says a word, etc.

You can make a great scrapbook if you know what and who it is for. Don’t worry about art since you can always use your creativity to make a scrapbook and when you make it, you must do it with love since the scrapbook of memories is always about you and your loved ones, like family members and your best friends.

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