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Do You Know the Best Scrapbook Cookbook Ideas How To Make It?

Have recipes for generations from your family? Or, do you like to cook and have lots of mainstay recipes? Create recipe scrapbooks. Let’s make the scrapbook cookbook. See the following explanations of scrapbook cookbook ideas how to make it.

Material and Equipment Needed

Lines without lines with acid-free paper

Thin or transparent envelope (glassine envelope)

masking tape

Iron ruler

place for cutting



How to Make

Make a horizontal line in the center of the book’s page with a pencil, this line is intended to make a bag in the book. give a distance between lines, do not overlap the recipe cards, and make a distance to the bottom line with the bottom of the book, so that the envelope does not cross the book boundary.

Use an iron ruler, cutting pad and cutter. Cut following the available lines carefully.

Cut the envelope so that the back of the envelope is the same size as the recipe card (FYI: The recipes are written on the recipe card … bole learn how here) and the front 1 ″ shorter than the card

Start from the bottom slot, face the front of the envelope that has been cut parallel to the slot line, then glue it. Continue with the next envelopes. After that paste all envelopes with masking tape. then fill the recipe card into the slot.

To paste photos / images of the final results of the cuisine, put the photo on the next page mark a diagonal line at each corner about 0.5cm from the corner. then cut then tuck the photo corner into it.

Those are the scrapbook cookbook ideas how to make.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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