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Quotes have been used by many people to express their feelings. The beautiful and heart-warming words sometimes make the receiver becomes happy. Nowadays, it is not hard to get a love quote. You can search for the quotes on the internet or you can even make your own love quotes. However, it will be a waste if you just write the quotes in a book then leave it. The fun fact is, you can store your quotes in a scrapbook! In this article, we will give you scrapbook love quotes ideas to help you.

Using Photos

If you think that writing quotes are not enough, you can add some photos to make the scrapbook more beautiful. You can add your lovely or silly photos of you and your partner next to the quote.

Designing the Scrapbook

No need to be confused if you do not have decent photos to be put in the scrapbook. You can use your drawing skill to design the scrapbook. You can draw or write anything that you want next or surround the quotes.

Using Decorations

The last idea is to decorate the scrapbook with lovely decorations. You can use either ribbon, laces, or love-shaped decorations around the quotes.

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