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Sometimes you may get tired with applications and stickers when scrapbooking. If you are facing this time, then it’s the right time to choose natural scrapbook themes design. Especially if you are one of those who gets more artistic with paint and colors. You should start to take along all colored pencils, watercolor as well as markers to accompany you.

If you are working on white paper or pale colored paper as background, you can move your hand to create some flowers and butterfly using watercolor. Watercolors give you clear and magnificent image that would be as great as whimsical impact. You can also use it to freehand an outline at the edges of paper or around the picture to design border wonderfully.

Another way to create natural scrapbook themes design is applying ornaments from nature itself. Pick some leaves with unique shape and beautiful colors. Whether it is fresh or dried, press the leaves to make it long lasting. Pressed flowers is also lovely to be put on your scrapbook pages if you want another option of paper flower.

If you visit aquarium shops, you will find materials to enrich texture on this scrapbook themes design. Try consider using the stones which is usually used inside the aquarium to embellish your page. Or you can use starfish, butterflies otherwise ladybugs to add sketch on the scrapbook. Natural resources is excellent materials for scrapbooking.


Lucrecia Galbarini

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