35+ Excellent Photo of Scrapbook Title Page Ideas

Scrapbook Title Page Ideas 3 Ideas For Scrapbook Cover Pages Make It From Your Heart

Scrapbook Tittle Page Ideas

  1. Extend the Width

Combining alignments can be a great idea for design your page. It will give unity impact and make your page more organized. If you want to modify a block of paper scraps and spare open space, then placing the tittle at the top of it. This scrapbook tittle page ideas will be perfect to begin the block from one side.

Meanwhile when you want to tidy up all photos as well as its supplementary ornaments as one big rectangle, you can position the tittle at its side. You can align the letter to be vertical and span it to be as long as the picture height. You can always insert some flowers between the alphabet.

  1. Include the Tittle on Photo

When you want to display some photos and try to dominate the whole page, you may have to struggle to put the tittle. If it were the case, another scrapbook tittle page ideas ask you to just include your tittle on the photo as well. Select certain photo with clear area where you can put on the tittle.

This scrapbook tittle page ideas are efficient to maximize the space and you don’t need to décor the tittle specifically. On the other side, you may just need to add little ornaments to make the overall look more attractive.

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