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3 Inspiring Results for Scrapbook Paper Projects DIY Crafts

Scrapbook paper is one of the main materials for making a scrapbook project. This paper can be made of being some other diy crafts. These are the results for scrapbook paper projects diy crafts that you should make.

Tissue Box

If you have tissue but you don’t have a tissue box yet, you can make it with scrapbook paper. The paper is strongly enough to create box wall to keep the tissue. You can select colorful scrapbook paper to make it look cheerful.

Gift Box

A birthday moment is a time to give a birthday gift to her. To wrap a gift, you will require a gift box. It seems to be more creative to make your gift box with scrapbooking paper. The paper will look great for the gift box. You may select cute and unique motifs of the scrapbooking paper to produce the awesome gift box.

Lamp Nets

The last result is lamp nets. The lamp needs a net to cover the surrounding lamp so that the light doesn’t spread carelessly. It is also to be a decorative element for your lamps. The motifs of the scrapbooking paper look unique and nice being a good material for making lamp nets. The lamp nets can be listed to be scrapbook paper projects diy crafts.

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