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The Free Printables Scrapbooking Cards of a Friend’s Birthday

For women sayings from relatives when they are birthday are very special, especially when relatives are far from the location where we live. There are many ways to convey words from someone to their relatives, as well as making a scrapbook where there are handmade greeting cards that are simple, creative, and easy to make. Below is the explanations of the free printables scrapbooking cards.

The materials

To make a greeting card for relatives, you need a sheet of A4 size (free color), medium-sized cupcake paper, small candle, brown, orange and yellow paper, ribbon, color marker, paper glue, and scissors.

The steps

Pay attention to the manufacturing steps:

  1. Prepare A4 size cardboard, then fold it into 2 parts.
  2. Cut half oval brown paper with a diameter of 10 cm, orange paper shaped like a fire approximately 5 cm long, and yellow paper shaped like a fire with a smaller size (approximately 3.5 cm long).
  3. Cut the cupcake paper into 2 parts, then paste it into the top and bottom layers.
  4. Paste the cupcake first below, then paste the brown oval paper on top. After looking like a cupcake. Paste the candle on the cupcake and paste the orange and yellow paper over the candle again. (Candles may be tied with a ribbon or not, as desired).
  5. Finally write the words “WISH” or “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” above the candle or parallel to the candle. Then write the sentence you want to convey to your relatives on the page on the greeting card.

So, try to make these free printables scrapbooking cards!

Lucrecia Galbarini

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