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The Free Printables Scrapbooking Paper Collection

Do you like scrapbooking? If you do, you definitely need scrapbook paper. Then, this article informs you about free printables scrapbooking paper collection.

The definition

Scrapbook paper collection is a set or package of scrapbook products from a Scrapbook paper manufacturer that usually has a specific design title or collection series.

Please note that each Scrapbook paper manufacturer will usually issue one design theme for a certain period of time. Usually specific themes will be launched according to time. For example, the Christmas theme in November-December, as in the “Merry Christmas” collection from Echo Park Paper, and many other specific themes.

The content of the scrapbook paper collection

Each paper pack usually consists of 6 designs of Double Sided Scrapbook Paper (Scrapbook paper with motifs / designs found on both sides back and forth). Each design consists of 2 sheets. This means that in 1 paper pack there will be 12 sheets of Double Sided Paper Scrabook size 12 ″ x12 sekitar (about 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm). And usually, we will also get a bonus 1 sheet sticker.

The advantage of purchasing 1 series / Scrapbook Paper Collection is the color and design of the image on the paper / scrapbook material that has been combined in such a way that our work will not ‘jump’ / ‘jomplang’ colors and themes. In one time launching the collection title, usually Scrapbook producers will issue Die Cuts, Paper packs, Paper Pads with 6 6 x6 ″ size (small), Chipboard Stickers, Stamps, and even embellishments like Flowers or buttons or hangers with the same design.

Now, you can select the best free printables scrapbooking paper collection according to you.

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