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Scrapbook paper projects unique, what are they?

Talking about a handmade souvenir to be given to friends and the beloved ones, a scrapbook is the best answer. However, this idea seems too common recently so that you must choose one of the scrapbook paper projects unique. Sure, it is so that the souvenir given is different from the others.

To find a unique idea, you indeed need to think more deeply and put more efforts. Well, on this page, there are some ideas that are rarely found before and they may inspire you. What are they? First, there is a unique industrial scrapbook to be given for the boys. So, if you have a boyfriend, brothers, or even father that will celebrate his birthday in the near future, this one is just good. This idea deepens the usage of things like unused pipes and other industrial materials as the ornaments. Sure, the colors must fit the concept as well.

Second, since the scrapbook is more related to the vintage idea, in contrast, you may try the modern and minimalist one. Try to use only 2 or 3 monochrome colors only like black and white as the main concept. The ornaments must be simple also like only in the form of squares or round.

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