35+ Marvelous Photo of Stampin Up Scrapbooking Pages

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Designing pages for scrapbook is really easy since there’s a useful tool called Stampin Up. You can easily use the tools to create features on your paper background so, it won’t be plain. You can also use it to create another design stamped on different paper as additional layer.

Stampin Up scrapbooking pages will definitely be a great help for every scrap booker to finish their craft. The kit doesn’t only allow you to stamp on the paper, but you will also get other tools that would really support your project. Just like cards with great design and sayings on it.

When you are inspired to create certain theme for your craft, Stampin Up scrapbooking pages will give you great assistance since it already has categorized tool. For example, if you want to create beach theme for your pages, you can just employ the same category to stamp on your paper. You can stamp some sea animal big enough on the side.

Meanwhile, you can use some vines plants to stamp around your photo to give it nature border. And you can stamp the whole paper background to create pattern on it. Add some additional embellishments to support your décor like linen thread or starfish.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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