37+ Awesome Picture of Vintage Scrapbooking Ideas Diy

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3 Designs of Vintage Scrapbooking Ideas DIY

A vintage concept is often applied to be a designing idea for a scrapbook. There are some inspiring vintage scrapbooking ideas diy to choose. Here is the list of those designs that you should implement. All are so awesome and beautiful.

Pinkish Vintage Flower Design

One of the recommended design is a pinkish vintage floral design. It is similar to its name in which it takes pinkish and yellow blue color for coloring the flower images. You can mix and match colors for flowers representing a vintage design. In the center of the flowers, you can glue a special photo like childhood, old, or last photos.

Dull Blue Vintage Design

The next design for scrapbooking is a dull blue vintage design. It really looks classical and vintage with the application of blue color in two gradation levels. It is combined with white and gold colors so that it looks vintage and rustic for a scrapbooking design idea.

Grey Vintage Design

The last design for vintage scrapbooking ideas diy is grey vintage design. It looks so dark and gloomy so that it may represent an old memory of the died people. You can add peach and white colors for coloring the flowers.

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