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Scrapbook Gift Ideas for Him in a Special Anniversary

Do you want to make your anniversary with your boyfriend/husband unforgettable? Well, this article will guide you to create scrapbook gift ideas for him. Follow the tips and steps!

Scrapbook theme

For the anniversary theme, the storyline can be started from the first time you meet with him, introduction, first date and so on.

Select the item/scrapbook content.

The contents of the scrapbook are adjusted to the theme. For example for anniversary items that are needed starting from photographs containing memorable moments, cinema tickets, memos, and other items related to scrapbook themes.

Paper binding

Prepare the paper to be used for the scrapbook page (cut to the same size), then the paper volume uses photocopying services.

Scrapbook cover

Make scrapbook covers with titles related to the theme.

The title on the cover can be made using color markers, crayons or to make it more attractive can be made using colored paper pieces or using letter pieces in used reading magazines/books.

Decorate scrapbook

Arrange scrapbooks starting from decorating pages or sheets of scrapbook paper. Ornaments can be made with color insulation, images using crayons, ribbons, etc.

After the decoration is finished, determine the position that will be used to put various photos and various other items. Don’t forget to comment in accordance with the photo.

After all the photos and items have been arranged, decorate the scrapbook using the ribbon, buttons, and other items that have been prepared. Paste the accessories in the empty space left in the scrapbook so that the scrapbook looks more festive.

Well, it is really to make the scrapbook gift ideas for him, Isn’t it?

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