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Some Unique Scrapbook Cards Christmas

When you make a Christmas scrapbook following by the card, you should know well about the best and most wonderful scrapbook cards Christmas. Below are the examples;

Santa Claus hat

To make Christmas feel more felt, try making a card with an accent picture of a Santa Claus hat. With red paper, cotton and glue, a Santa Claus Christmas card can be made.

Creative with buttons

Your Christmas greeting card can be more unique by adding buttons combined with simple images. There are many card ideas with buttons that can be made for special Christmas cards. Don’t forget to choose the color of buttons similar to the Christmas theme

Be creative with Ropes

Didn’t find anything other than a rope? Don’t be discouraged, the rope can be an accent of a sweet Christmas greeting card. You can develop imaginations such as making Christmas trees or gifts

New Style Christmas Cards

If you want to make a special impression on a Christmas card, you can try the concept of a coffee glass tag. Besides being attractive, surely your Christmas greeting card will be remembered for being unique.

Special Christmas Cup

Besides the glass model as before, you can also make a cup shape. By combining two papers (plain and patterned) with ribbon or leaf accents, a special Christmas card is made. Two papers can be taped entirely or given space to place a gift.

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