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3 Styles in Making Vintage Scrapbooking Ideas Templates

Before you start to make a vintage scrapbook, of course, it needs to know the styles in making vintage scrapbooking ideas templates. Find those styles in this scrapbook design. Everyone surely has a different taste to create a vintage design of the scrapbook.

Classical Style

It is famous for its tidiness and simplicity on scrapbooking design. This scrapbook is simple and minimalist. The displayed photos are standard and attached on the cardstock paper with classical motifs such as lines, squares, dots, or flowers. This scrapbook design is suitably remembering kids photos and wedding moment.

Ephemera Style

Another vintage concept is the ephemera style. It is the opposite style of classical and simple. Pages in the scrapbook use the best materials and assembled in a form of collapse. It usually takes grey, black, and brown color paper. The ornaments used are pinks. It looks messy but it is colorful with a masculine impression. It is suitably made of traveling photos and black and white photos.

Old Vintage Style

This style is very close to the ephemeral style. The vintage template can be made by applying this style. It adopts a combination between patterned paper and many ornaments. However, it creates mild colors such as pale pink, purple, and pink. It is often used as a wrapped piece of paper and some vintages accessories. One of the vintage scrapbooking ideas templates is appropriate for loading historical photos and travel pages.

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