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Tips for Taking Pictures To Create the Scrapbook Travel Ideas Diy

Are you confused to select pictures in your scrapbook travel? Then the next traveling, you should follow the following tips for taking pictures to beautify the scrapbook travel DIY ideas.

Equip yourself with a good camera.

This is not meant that the camera from the cellphone is not good enough, we have always been impressed with the stories of the stories of the clients whose images are always memorable. But if you want to improve your shots, you also need to improve the tools that you have used so far.

It doesn’t have to be a DSLR, if all this time you use a cellphone camera, the mirrorless camera is a good start. Mirrorless is smaller than the DSLR, so it is also easier to carry around and is usually cheaper.

Take the time to edit your shots before posting to social media.

Editing a photo does take time, but this is worth doing. If you are accustomed to editing your photo, you will find your edited style of eating, the editing process will be faster. For example: black and white or bright and colorful.

Try to take pictures at “Golden Hour”

Golden hour is the time after sunrise and before sunset when the sun shines softly. Lighting like this will make your shots beautiful. Eh, it does not mean that you only take pictures during the afternoon or morning, this means that when you want to take pictures in the afternoon, pay attention to the direction of the light, not to cover the object while the light behind the object that is photographed is very bright.

Do you have the best scrapbook travel DIY ideas?


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