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3 Inspirational Vintage Scrapbooking Ideas

Vintage is always represented to remember old moments. It is true because it looks dull and old with designing scratches and ideas. You can apply one of the following vintage scrapbooking ideas to your beloved people.

Documented Scrapbooking Idea

Having documentation of your life journey is surely interesting and inspirational. You can accomplish and gather a series of documented photos in one scrapbook. The documented scrapbooking idea sounds teasing to make. Furthermore, it is able to remind your mind about past joyful moments with your beloved ones.

Childhood Scrapbooking Idea

Childhood is a delight moment ever in one’s life. To keep it in your mind, you can make a compilation series of childhood photos on a scrapbook project. In the project, you can serve your favorite and memorable moments in the photos. It will make you always think over your past moments by seeing

Pink Pastel My Mom Scrapbooking Idea

The last design of vintage scrapbooking ideas is pink pastel my mom scrapbooking idea. It has a main color of pink pastel to describe your mom feeling. Then, you make this design able to regard your honor to your beloved mother. You can put and glue all of your amazing photos with your mother since you were an infant to the adults. It will be a marvelous project.

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