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The 3D Style of Scrapbook Card Ideas Cardmaking

Hello, do you like scrapbooking and making a card? Now you can combine both of them. Let’s see the explanations of scrapbook card ideas cardmaking with 3D style!

The material

You need to prepare: Colored paper, pencils, glue, scissors, strimine thread, round isolation, and colored pencils/crayons.

The steps to make the 3D card in a scrapbook

  • Cut the paper according to the size we want. This time we will use yellow paper as the basis for the greeting card.
  • Peel the paper in a horizontal direction. This method must be done in order to get a card that fits the size.
  • You have to cut the paper into 2.
  • Fold the paper again into 2 parts, fold the paper with the sides that are parallel or equal.
  • Create card decorations, at this stage, you can use other color paper.
  • Cut the paper in perfect shape. We will use this round paper like a hot air balloon.
  • Use crayons or colored pencils. You can color one round paper, and you can give it color or motif according to taste.
  • Fold the round paper in half, and don’t tear the paper apart, guys.
  • Paste the side of the round paper using a glue or whatever glue you have prepared.
  • Attaching to the card, of course here you have to stick the paper in accordance with the center line.
  • Paste the hot air balloon strap.
  • Make a hot air balloon basket.
  • Make ornaments on the top of a hot air balloon.
  • Decorate the attachment stage.
  • Then, you can add text according to what you want. Give your best words, so that later your loved ones will happily read your writing and be happy with your card.

Now, you should try to practice the scrapbook card ideas cardmaking.

Lucrecia Galbarini

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