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Scrapbook Gift Ideas Friends Birthday Scrapbook For Bestfriend Scissors And Ribbons Birthday

Tips To Create Scrapbook Gift Ideas Friends

You definitely have many photos with your friends. Then, you can try to create a scrapbook with them. Now, it’s time for you to know more about scrapbook gift ideas friends. Do these tips to make it!

Select some photos which impress you

You can choose every photo of you and friends in any moment, situation,  and condition to fill your scrapbook sheet. The photos can be a photo of you both met for the firsg time when you are still a perfectly simple child/teenager. Surely, that meeting moment is amazing to take then you will never forget the moment in your lifetime. Then, you can design your best scrapbook by cutting your chosen photos. In cutting them, it is good for you to use a cute and unique style.

You can also present a photo of your best friend during a happy moment like when he was a birthday, win a race and others. Now, these photos can be immortalized and impressed.

Your Lovely Background

To create the scrapbook’s background, you can combine the lovely colors of yours and your friends. Begin it by selecting choosing the favorite paper color that is the basis for your scrapbook background. Do you have good skill in painting or drawing? If you do, you can draw and paint your friend’s face then you can place it at your scrapbook’s first page. Besides that, you need to write some words appropriating the characters of your friend.


After sticking all of your chosen photos, you have to decorate beautifully the scrapbook of yours in order that your scrapbook seems interesting. To decorate it, the grass or leaves which have been dried can be used as the ornament or decoration. You can also tell or describe the pictures by using the grass or leaves. Floral accents are also good to be used to decorate the arranged photos or you use other things to describe your friend’s character and habit.

Those are the tips to make the scrapbook gift ideas friends. Try it!

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