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3 Sensational Designs for Vintage Scrapbooking Ideas Layout

A vintage concept is timeless. It always occurs representing a past moment and joy put on one artwork. The vintage is used for making a scrapbook. There are some kinds of vintage scrapbooking ideas layout to represent the old moments.

A Moment In Time Design

The first inspiration takes a concept of A Moment In Time design. It is an inspiring design to create your vintage scrapbook. It has three color kinds to scratch a wonderful scrapbooking cover. The navy color is very dominant in this scrapbook. Then, you can add it with golden and white colors. Those are enough to represent and accentuate a vintage impression.

Time With Grandma Design

If you want to remember the fun and happy moments with your grandma, you can make a scrapbooking idea with a theme of time with grandma design. It is a special design containing all photos and moments with your grandma when you were a child. You can make a photo compilation in a scrapbook. It looks so awesome to remind all of you about grandma.

Romantic Heritage

Having a romantic wedding is always remembered all the time. You can keep thinking it over by making a romantic heritage design for scrapbooks. It is a nice design in which you put and glue wedding photos on the cover of scrapbooking. It is one of the recommended vintage scrapbooking ideas layout.

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